Custom Formulation Process

Custom Formulation Skincare Perfection


We do not provide quotes until you have submitted a Custom Formulation Application because we do not know what your project will entail or what awesome ingredients you want to add. Different ingredients and essential oils go for different prices on the market.

We offer Custom Formulations that are handmade fresh to order. We only use the freshest Organic, Wildcrafted and Natural ingredients.

We are the ONLY skincare manufacturer that's A REGISTERED URBAN FARM

Five Easy Steps to Custom Formulating With Wild West Skincare:

1) Fill out a Custom Formulation Application Form Below.

2) Our Founder and Head of Formulations will review your application and let you know if your project is within our scope.

3) If and when your project is approved, Keith will reach out with a manufacturing contract including costs.

4) Select your packaging, or you can go with our house packaging.

5) Sell and repeat to grow your own brand of skincare!

Fresh. Natural. Effective.


Custom Formulation Questionnaire

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More information about Our Custom Formulations:

Most contract manufacturing labs have extremely high minimum orders that can be insurmountable for most small start-up situations. We can handle orders from 650 to 50,000 units. Whether you have a custom product idea or want to use one of our existing private label formulas to slightly alter, we can help get you started. 

Custom Development is perfect for clients when exclusivity is the driving factor for one product or an entire product line. We will assist you with your product development project from product concept, key benefits, and ingredients to launch.  In as little as three weeks, you will receive your first product samples for your review.  We provide two sample modifications to guarantee your product meets all your requirements.  

Once your exclusive formulas are approved, they will undergo a series of tests to ensure their safety and stability. Select packaging from our stock or provide us with custom packaging.  Finally, arrange for product artwork and your project is ready for launch.

If you have a skin care or hair product idea that you would like to bring to market and have a limited budget, we are your ideal partner. We have in-house chemists with a wide variety of skill sets that can assist you in developing any product. We can help you determine the product scope in terms of bioactivity, aesthetic appeal and preservative platform. Whether you need a scientifically backed application or an all natural product, we assist you in creating the ideal product for your consumers.

Our development process works as follows:

  1. Initial interview and scope development with pricing parameters.
  2. Create a provisional formula on paper.
  3. Develop working prototypes.
  4. Assist you choosing appropriate packaging.
  5. Present production and delivery timeline.

If you elect to own the formula, we offer several payment plans that will make it flexible for you to purchase.

Exclusive product lines have launched in as little as twelve weeks, but six to eight months is the average time required for a successful launch!